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This is not just for the original E7 series, any and everything AO is also welcome. He is, after all, one of us.

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Apr 8th | 16 notes Written by: onikiku

Written by: onikiku

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Written by: ghiblis-moving-castle

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Written by: Anonymous

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Do you have a confession relating to Eureka seveN? Fill my pages!

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Written by: ssgt-guurtman

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Written by: ssgt-guurtman

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Please keep in mind that this blog supports all of the Eureka seveN franchise - if your confession is negatively speaking on a series for the sake of being negative or making a joke in this tone, or on the audience reaction, it will simply not be tagged.

We would appreciate it if such comments could be restrained.

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Written by: ssgt-guurtman

I find it funny how people always say Astral Ocean isn’t dark, or at least as dark as the first series.

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Written by: coralian-boy

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Written by: planetaryoratorio 


Written by: planetaryoratorio